Evaluating factors influencing insect outbreak case study (invasion of locusts)

Document Type : Original Research Article


Geomorphologic student at Kharazmi University, Iran


Insects are one of the most important creatures in the Ecodistems, including the variety of locusts, due to their specific physiology, the coexistence and impact on the human food basket, high reproduction potential, and the direct impact of climate parameters on research, based on Interviews with experts in the field of agricultural Jihad and plant physicians have been selected as a factor analysis method. The purpose of the research is to represent the profound environmental effects on the life cycle of locusts. Biological and environmental parameters, respectively, with 19/32% of the variances, were at the forefront of the factors, because any unwanted changes in it directly affect all components of the life of the insect.Then the environmental factor which explains 17/67% of the variances and the third factor of the biological change, was the third with 16/21% of the variances. Agro-pastralism (invasion of locusts into rangeland and agricultural land) was ranked last with 15/07% percent of variances. The effect of all four factors on the flooding of locusts is nearly interrelated and with minor differences, so that the outstanding footprint of climate and environmental changes and then the reflection of locusts can be seen in the some way.


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