Aims and Scope

Sustainable Earth Review as an "all earth science" journal is an international, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal publishing theoretically and empirically cutting-edge and innovative articles in terms of interrelated fields that cover problems and approaches through sustainability issues. Sustainable Earth bridges the gap between fundamental research in earth sciences and their application to achieve a sustainable earth response to anthropogenic impacts. The main research areas covered by Sustainable Earth are environmental science, soil sciences, ecology, physical and human geography, geology, hydrology, water resources management, and land use management all related to sustainable development, but contributions from other fields will also be considered.

The scope of the journal is focused on:

covers a wide area for publication in the field of Earth and Environmental Sciences. publishes the most exciting original research articles, and review articles, related to all aspects of Earth & Environmental Sciences.

Physical geography, Geomorphology, Geology and Geophysics, Meteorology and Climatology, Environmental Change, Environmental soil science, Soil Erosion, Hydrology, Environmental Analyses and Monitoring, Assessment of Risks and Interactions of Pollutants, Sustainable Development of Earth and Environment, Terrestrial Biology and Ecology, Water Management, Environmental Geology, Environmental geology.

Sustainable Earth Review is committed to publishing significant, high-quality research in the Earth and Environmental Sciences through a fair, rapid, and rigorous peer review process that is overseen by a team of full-time professional editors.